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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Travis, Mikail,


RELEASE DATE: 5/15/2006

There’s a reason Jimmy Dean has appeared in over 32 Can-Am videos - he’s hot, cocky, and a damn good wrestler. But of course, there’s always someone younger and someone cockier waiting to prove their strength. For Double Play, we found two such new recruits who were sure they could beat Jimmy at his own game. Mikail is a blond Russian bodybuilder with a winning smile and a lot of attitude. Travis is a dark and sultry smooth-talker who could probably sell ice to an Eskimo. During their pre-match warm-up on the weight machines, they keep snickering about Jimmy, trying to psych him out. But Jimmy takes only so much of that before challenging them both to a two-on-one grudge match. Jimmy’s always good, but when he’s angry, he’s better. Even with two opponents, he manages to wipe the mat with them both. With Travis momentarily out cold, he pulls Mikail aside and tells him what Travis said about Mikail’s sister. Believing Jimmy, he helps him beat Travis down again, and they tie him up in the corner. Mikail and Jimmy deliver a series of brutal kicks before Jimmy turns on Mikail. Knocking the wind out of him, he gets Mikail tied up in the center of the ring. Now Jimmy can take his time tormenting the two of them. He uses Mikail as a personal punching bag and tortures both of their nipples and nut sacks. Jimmy then invites Travis to help him torment Mikail, and the two work him over. But Travis still wants revenge for Jimmy’s trick and turns on him. Getting Mikail untied, it’s time for the tables to turn and the two simply pound on Jimmy. Wrapping him up in the ropes, they really work over Jimmy’s torso and sap his strength. Releasing him into the ring, they have their fun with camel clutches, arm bars, body blows, choke holds, and kicks. When Jimmy’s completely beaten down, they throw him in the oil pit. But you loyal Can-Am fans know to never count Jimmy Dean out. While the rookies rub the oil into his body, Jimmy is regaining his strength and planning his revenge. Foolishly letting their guards down gives Jimmy his chance to bounce back. These two have never wrestled in oil before, and Jimmy knows every stitch and seam of the Can-Am oil pit. He masterfully submits both Mikail and Travis and ties them up again. With his alpha dog status firmly established with the rookies, Jimmy toys with their bodies, dicks, and balls. Turning himself on, he first ties their dicks together and playfully tugs at the rope. Then he uses the same rope on himself, working up his big dick for an explosive cum shot. Finished, he leaves Travis and Mikail to jerk themselves off for two more hot climaxes. Treat yourself to double the usual Jimmy Dean pleasures and order up Double Play today!

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