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CAST: Jimmy Dean


RELEASE DATE: 5/3/2010

Jimmy Dean is a gymnast and honest to goodness gentlemen, he has one of the hardest "butts" the "magic hands" have ever massaged. The "magic hands" go well beyond massaging his butt, but fingers have "memories" and the memory of Jimmy Dean ass worship has left an indelible impression. The video opens with a short interview with Jimmy, then moves outside for some weight lifting exercises. A "modeling" parade of tight gear follows - with hard-ons poking, sticking, stretching everywhere. From tight football-type shorts, to a stretchy and sexy red singlet, to the infamous zippered white athletic shorts, to a leather g-string that can`t possibly contain his substantial hard-on. Then in a real BONUS to this Muscle Showcase Jimmy Dean goes beyond Canadian Muscle Dancers #4 - he gives us a full to nudity "Muscle-Strip" dance. With a strategically placed mirror, to the sounds of a very sexy song and wearing tight white sexy levi shorts with rips and tears, Jimmy Dean does what he does best - sensual stripping. "Magic Hands" come next and then Jimmy Dean takes over. His long, languid, very sexy and sensual J/O scene is guaranteed to have you in a virtual sexual froth by the time he`s through with you. The camera angles will help you along. When Jimmy Dean comes right over to and stands right over the camera allowing himself to be examined front and rear - you may feel you can reach out and touch! A short shower scene, a final interview while he dresses completes the first part of this Muscle Showcase production. The final part takes place at Jimmy Dean`s own request. He wanted some "tourist" video footage of himself at some places in Southern California of his choice. To this we have further added brief preview scenes of the wrestling and dance videos that Jimmy Dean has done to date.

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