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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Billy Roberts, Cliff Conlin, Troy Lucas, James Blond, James Ryan, Danny Dallas,


RELEASE DATE: 6/11/2010

One of the most enduringly popular and sexiest of the Canadian wrestlers over the years has been Jimmy Dean. People who know nothing about us and have seen Jimmy Dean on a video at a friend`s house have written asking where could they get more. No single Canadian wrestler has turned on so many different people as has Jimmy Dean. Paul Perris and Beau Hopkins, popular in their own right also have very sexy bodies, and are as popular as Jimmy Dean. But Jimmy Dean has that certain "something`. He certainly has what you would call a very sexy body. He has a handsome, kind of chip on the shoulder punk face. He`s got lots of attitude and in wrestling "attitude" is important. He is well hung, a big plus. He totally immerses himself in his matches. When he enters the "ring", all that matters is the match and his opponent. He is totally focused and what`s more he enjoys himself. Add in good technical wrestling skills. Wrap all that into one pack age and Jimmy Dean stands alone. What better reasons then to treat all his fans to the "Jimmy Dean Wrestling Special". This special is a big showcase variety for Jimmy Dean. There is one nude pro match, one non-nude pro, and one shooters style. Plus a bonus pro match featuring James Blond.

BOUT #1: JIMMY DEAN VS. BILLY ROBERTS A former gymnast and in love with grappling, Billy Roberts is a wrestling ring high flyer. He can fly through the air higher and take bumps better than most. But because he is small he ends up losing more than most. He loses two straight falls to Dean, but Jimmy has to work hard for them. Halfway through the second fall both wrestlers lose their thongs, and this pro wrestling battle proceeds nude. When Jimmy Dean forces him to jack-off as a victory "penalty" Billy Roberts is in his element. And when Jimmy Dean turns his fabulous butt so that it is facing Billy, that is like putting honey in front of an ant. What is Billy to do. Well - stick his tongue up Jimmy`s butt. With motivation like that it isn`t long before Billy cums in a big and wildly spewing splash.

BOUT #2: JIMMY DEAN VS. CLIFF CONLIN This is one of the hottest non-nude wrestling bouts ever offered. The visual pleasure of watching two hot ring veterans exhibiting their considerable wrestling skills on each other is top entertainment. In the first fall, watching Jimmy Dean take shortcuts to overcome his disadvantages. The second fall is all Dean. He goes to work on Conlin`s legs in a brutal and unforgiving way. Cliff begins the 3rd fall aggressively, throwing Jimmy Dean into the ropes preparing for a clothesline, but in a clever and never seen before reversal, he ends up on the mat as Jimmy Dean begins another assault on his legs. But not this time for the Canuck! Cliff reverses and Jimmy Dean ends up "eating mat".

BOUT #3: JIMMY DEAN VS. TROY LUCAS It`s kind of neat to see what Jimmy Dean can do in a freestyle match. This is the only match of it`s kind in which Jimmy lays it all on the line to see who is the better wrestler. Troy Lucas has a weight and skill advantage, but Jimmy has height, endurance, and "balls". The guys go all out in the first round of 3.

BOUT #4 JAMES BLOND VS. JAMES RYAN - (SPECIAL BONUS MATCH) James Blond: 6`, 195#, Blond hair, Hazel Eyes, 25 YO, Red trunks, Red boots. James Ryan: 6`4", 215#, Brown hair, Brown Eyes, 28 YO, Blue trunks, Red boots.

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