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CAST: Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Aryx Quinn,


RELEASE DATE: 8/20/2010

This winner video features another double feature actioner from duo directors Boss Sexton and Beau Bradley. Each directs a separate segment. It's also a damn good pro wrestling match-up starring very sexy muscle duo Aryx Quinn and Jobe Zander. Both studs know what they're doing. And both studs love to inflict pain and punishment. But if you're going to inflict pain, you've got to be able to take it. And take it they do. Aryx and Jobe engage in non-stop macho challenge insult dialog and dirty talk.. And lots of humiliation, pain, and suffering are heroically endured by both to your heart's content. The director's segment switch is subtle. A change in Aryx's and Jobe's trunks will be your clue. Hopefully you haven't cum watching segment one, because a full second feature starring the same two muscle pros begins immediately. You get two full wrestle features with two killer hot studs showing off their considerable wrestling skills in a classic give and take double bout meat beater. There's trunk wedgies, ball grabbin', back breakin', prolonged submission torture, pex pounding, gut punching, bone breaking pain, humiliation, and macho man endurance testing.... bare assed. Who wins? You do. This is a damn good pro wrestling video. Don't wait. Get it now.

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