BG Wrestling

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CAST: Alan Love, Matt Kinsey, Les Stine, Marc Brown, Buddy Justice, Billy Powell, Johnny Panther, Geoff Black


RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

Bout 1: Alan Love vs. Matt KinseyA very competitive matchup that goes to a full 3 falls. Lots of ass-slappin', some face sitting. In the first fall, which teeters back and forth for about nine minutes, Matt comes up with a combination small package and intensive spanking. Alan submits. The second fall sees an angry Alan Love literally give Matt the squash job of his short wrestling career. Fall 3 sees Alan revert back to more of a wrestling bottom and Matt takes advantage. A boston crab gives the match to Matt Kinsey. Nudity, J/O.Bout 2: Les Stine vs. Marc BrownFans of hairy guys take note. This bout features two hairy guys battling in jockstraps. The jocks are stripped off in the first fall. The match gets to 1 fall apiece, then their mutual physical mutual attraction for one another overwhelms the desire to gain a victory. The 3rd fall ends up in a J/O session.Bout 3: Johnny Panther vs. Geoff BlackThis is another one of those squash matches in which the wrestling top, Geoff Black in this case, keeps the bottom, Johnny Panther, in a total state of helplessness. Johnny is continually tied up in holds and at the end of the match he is tied up literally, only to be let loose when Geoff wants him to jack-off. Hot match between two very hot looking guys.Bout 4: Buddy Justice vs. Billy PowellThis bout has to be, hands down, one of the most intense, erotic, matches ever videotaped by BG. Check it out: from the competitive wrestling to the sizzling eroticism in the post match activity. The mutual attraction between these two was unbelievable, although it seems to BG that Buddy was more attracted to Billy than vice versa.

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