BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 4/27/2010

DOP: 02/03/1999BOUT 1: JOHNNY THRUST VS. SCOTT DAVISThis is aggressive freestyle wrestling. Davis’s body is smooth ripped muscularity. Scott Davis is deceptively, very, very strong. Johnny finds this out with his first of four submissions when his head becomes entangled in a scissors vise grip. Notice his face turns beet red before his submission. He will be the victim of lots of scissors over the course of this match. He does submit there more times before he cannot continue. Johnny has lots of fire in the first two falls, but after that – it is like a balloon losing air. Both J/O at the end. Jack-off and nudity.BOUT 2: CODY TYLER VS. DOMENICCody is an experienced collegiate wrestler. You’ll notice that he adheres pretty much to that style. He’s a defensive type wrestler who goes on the offense only sporadically. Domenic is aggressive, but knows squat about holds. When Cody goes into his defensive “turtle-like” posture, Domenic expends a lot of energy trying to grab a hold. But, alas, he cannot. Cody manages to snare Domenic in two submission holds. The two go on to J/O. Cody has some help from a “Magic Hand”. The Magic Hand works him up to the point where he takes over and spews quite the load. Domenic’s is pretty anemic. J/O and nudity.BOUT 3: JOHN ROSS VS. JOHN SIMMONSThese two were lovers at the time of filming this match. Hence this match ends up being the most erotic of the three on this DVD. Who wins and who loses isn’t really that important. It is how the match ends up. Lots of butt on face rubbing, ball licking, cock sucking, nip tweaking and J/O. Ross ends up with half his torso covered in cum, from Simmons as well as his own.

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