BG Wrestling

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CAST: Randy Roberts, Alex Carrington, Geoff Black, Alan Love, Todd White, Ben Cassell, Pete Krieg, Lucky Stryker, Scott Winters, Bobby Miller, Killer Montrose, Chris Lakers


RELEASE DATE: 11/6/2014

Bout 1: RANDY ROBERTS VS. ALEX CARRINGTON Sporting narrow jock fronts (which allow for spillover and spillout of cock and balls), the two grapplers aggressively wrestle for dominance. Blond vs. brunette. Alex wins the first fall. Jocks are stripped at the top of the second and naked, more erotic wrestling, ensues. Alex wins the second fall, slaps Randy in a full nelson and tells him to J/O. He does. (Nudity, J/O)

Bout 2: GEOFF BLACK VS. ALAN LOVE This is one of those squash job bouts where the total top, Geoff, takes complete control of the bottom, Alan. And as he does so, Alan is taken advantage of in a variety of ways erotically. In other words, Geoff is having a good time controlling, within a wrestling context, his hunky muscled opponent. And, truth be told, Alan Love is having a good time as well. Fierce tit biting persuades Alan to submit in the first fall. Subsequent to Geoff`s second fall victory Alan is hogtied signifying his loser status. Geoff unties him and tells him to jack-off. (Nudity, J/O)

Bout 3: TODD WHITE VS. BEN CASSELL These two friends put on a super aggressive wrestling entertainment that will have you guessing as to the outcome. Ben takes the first fall, and Todd then next. How these two remain friends during and after the bout after inflicting so much damage on each other is amazing. A very exciting and stimulating two out of three falls matchup.

Bout 4: PETE KRIEG VS. LUCKY STRYKER This is a pit bull type of bout with the wrestling continuing until one grappler cannot go on. The wrestling is “on the mat brutal” with one wrestler clamping on a hold and not letting go until he hears a submission or until the other, by some skillful or lucky maneuver, manages to wriggle out of it. Lucky clamps a hold on Pete in the first fall and it`s several minutes before Pete submits, but he`s held out for a long time. Pete defeats Lucky in the second fall almost immediately. Lucky takes the 3rd and 4th falls. By that point Pete is hurting and cannot continue. (Nudity)

Bout 5: SCOTT WINTERS VS. BOBBY MILLER Two handsome next-door type young guys battling it out on the mat. This is a more of a sandbox type of match; two friend rolling around having fun. The two strip each other, and become super friendly. (Nudity and J/O)

Bout 6: KILLER MONTROSE VS. CHRIS LAKERS Wow! That jockstrap which frames the Killer`s beautiful ass is something to behold. If you can take your eyes off that check out Killer`s wrestling skills. He knows what he`s doing. And while Chris Lakers is quick and aggressive in his own right, his wrestling ability doesn`t begin to match that of Montrose`s. Montrose wins of course. (Nudity and J/O)

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