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CAST: John Thor,


RELEASE DATE: 6/15/2010

Thor possesses one of the most gorgeous physiques ever videotaped by us. To be able to spend a few intimate moments with Thor is a privilege indeed. And through the miracle of video, we lay Thor at your feet or wherever else you want him "laid". The video opens with Thor, attired in workout gear, exercising on some universal equipment. He quickly sheds his shirt and we see all his upper body muscles in action as his workout continues. He changes gear, continuing his workout. After his workout he gets into a thong and treats us to an outstanding posing routine. You can tell he`s done this before. Strategically located next to a mirror, Thor`s double image (rear and front) will blow you away. You`ll see his thighs, calves, lats, bi`s, tri`s, chest - all fantastic muscularity in posing action. By this time the "Magic Hands" are itching to do their thing, so what follows for all "hands fans" is a treat indeed - for you and the hands. The hands lovingly massage and caress oil on Thor`s huge pecs, his flexing arms, his washboard stomach. The hands then move to Thor`s fabulous butt. Thor lays out in the oil pit and the hands go to work. "Happy Hands" make for a happy day. In this case it made for a fabulous day. Oil drips down from above on to and in to Thor`s butt. The hands slowly and surely maneuver the oil around, making sure every square inch of Thor`s beautiful smooth skin is covered. Thor turns over, the hands continue their exploration of his physique. Thor starts to get into it too. His hands become active on his own body, so at this point there are four hands in action. Thor then gets up and goes back to the posing area next to the mirror, only now he`s completely oiled, totally nude, with a semi-stiff impressive dick. We are treated to a very sexy, totally nude and oiled, posing routine. By this time he`s totally turned on and must seek some relief. A sizzling J/O scene follows inside the pro wrestling ring. Post J/O Thor goes for a shower. The camera picks him up crawling out of the wrestling ring and walking all the way across the studio to the shower room door. Cut. Camera starts up again as he comes back into the studio with his towel in hand, gets dressed, and walks away. End of one fuckin` hot Muscle Showcase video production.

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