Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Doug Brandon, Bart Tyler, Steve Troy,


RELEASE DATE: 2/23/2007

Who better to kick off Boss Sexton's new two-on-one KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT series than Can-Am's resident bad boy Doug Brandon dirty double teamed by big Bart Tyler and muscleman Steve Troy. Showing off his impressive new muscle gain, Doug Brandon is bad mouthed and challenged to increasing weight dumbbell bicep curls by Tyler and Troy. The 3-way muscle challenge moves to the pro ring where Brandon first takes on Tyler in a full hard fought match; then Troy for a full hard fought match; then Brandon is double teamed by both Tyler and Troy. To teach Brandon a lesson he'll never forget, Tyler and Troy split-spread suspend Brandon in the center of the ring and use his new muscularity as a punching bag.... first bare fisted, then with boxing gloves. Question: Has punishment endurance champ Paul Perris lost his self-claimed title to Doug Brandon? Get this brutality packed 2-on-1 meatbeater and let Boss Sexton know who's the Can-Am punishment champ. Meanwhile back to the action. If you think Brandon has taken all the punishment one man can endure... you're wrong. Tyler and Troy take Brandon down from his punching bag bondage position, strip him, throw him in the oil pit, and continue his punishment. KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT ONE delivers three muscle hunks, two full pro matches, one full oil pit match, and a muscle bound punching bag segment..... all for $39 bucks. Nobody delivers hotter wrestlers and longer, hotter mat action than Can-Am. Nobody!

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