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CAST: Brian Maxon, Bart Tyler, Steve Troy,


RELEASE DATE: 2/23/2007

Number three of this blockbuster series KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT WRESTLING THREE brings back the "Punishers" Bart Tyler and Steve Troy who destroyed Doug Brandon and Paul Perris in KAPW One and Two. This time the Canadian "Punishers" are eager to destroy American "hot shot" Brian Maxon. Maxon's humiliating defeat is intended for God and Queen. In Toronto, Maxon brazens his way into the Can-Am gym/studio loudly looking for Flex. Instead he finds the "Punishers" Tyler and Troy.... and a whole lot of pain and suffering. Egos lead to insults. Insults lead to challenges. And the challenges lead to KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT WRESTLING THREE.... Brian Maxon VS Bart Tyler and Steve Troy. First Maxon makes life miserable for Troy, then Bart in long hard one-on-ones until the "Punishers" begin to live up to their reputations and double-team Maxon into semiconscious trouble. Out come the ropes and a dazed Maxon gets wrist-hoisted up in the center of the ring, legs split-spread and tied to opposite sides of the mat. Then the "Punishers" go to work on their helpless captive using Maxon as a musclehunk punching bag.... gloved and bare fisted. Growing bored, Tyler and Troy untie Maxon, and all three are bare assed for the punishment to continue in the oil pit. How much more has Maxon got? Enough, surprisingly, for him to turn the tables on Tyler and Troy.... beating and humiliating both of them for an upset victory worthy of the KAPW series. The action, the punishment, the suffering, and the battle of the muscle egos doesn't stop. P.S. Tyler and Troy pump off loser gushers in the ring. Maxon celebrates his victory load with his fans personally in the shower. KICK-ASS PUNISHMENT WRESTLING THREE delivers more than your dicks can stand.

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