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CAST: Sonny Beaudreaux, Kevin Kramer, Devin Stone, Buddy Paladino, Chuck Valens, Tico,


RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2010

If you look up the word "kink" in a dictionary, you`re not likely to find the definition most of us conjure up when something kinky crosses our mind. When the concept of "kink" is applied to wrestling, the least you can expect is something totally original. In these "kink" wrestling matches, unexpected becomes uniquely erotic to include a competitive bondage match; a not-to-cum-first contest match (of course both men cum); and finally a blindfold match for those of you into Braille muscle anatomy. Can-Am Productions joins forces with the California Knights wrestling group to bring you something hot and different. These three very sexy "kink" matches for $49 bucks is a steal. Got any "kink" match ideas? We want to hear them.

KINK MATCH 1: NUDE STRAP MATCH (Tico vs Sonny Beaudreaux) Very sexy street punk Tico strips out of black tights and a leather jacket to a blue T-back to face top L.A. club stripper Sonny Beaudreaux first in black chaps, then a leopard print T-back. Each stud ties one end of a long black rope to one of his wrists, then attacks his opponent tieing each other up in endless erotic positions. When the T-backs come off, the ropes get tighter, and the action gets tougher. This ain`t Boy Scouts knot tieing 101.

KINK MATCH 2: FIRST TO CUM MATCH (Kevin Kramer vs Devin Stone) Pretty boy porno leather puppy Kevin Kramer in a black T-back strips pornoboy Devin Stone out of his lime green T-back and goes straight to work on Devin`s dick. With both boys soon buck naked, it`s mutual and competitive jack-off, cock sucking, and no-holds-barred below-the-belt action til both boys shoot their wads. Who wins? You do!

KINK MATCH 3: BLINDFOLD MATCH (Chuck Valens vs Buddy Paladino) Chuck Valens in blue trunks, and Buddy Paladino in red trunks put on blindfold masks before the bell sounds, then battle each other sightless. And while neither man looses his blind fold, both hunks loose their trunks in the second fall. Then both bare-assed wrestlers brutalize each other by braille til the victor is decided. Very interesting match.

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