Close-Up Men

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CAST: ariel santos, dante foxx, logan reed, marco paris, mike mitchell, mike vista, rick fernandez, shahan, steve tuck, vic hall

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

18 GUYS!

In this 90 minute sex-umentory Nick Jordan gives you provocative interviews combined with great sex.

When asked about the video Nick said, "I have met so many interesting and different men when casting my videos. The men I cast are not only from Hollywood and West Hollywood but from all over the Southern California area and even from other parts of the country and out of the U.S. They're not only professional escorts but from so many walks of life. I decided it would be extremely interesting to see who these guys are. What makes them tick and why they want to be in gay porn videos."

They disclose many personal secrets including how they got into porn, why they love it and why they're here to stay. They share with you their favorite sexual flavors and who they like to play with. Not only do they tell you, Nick shows you with great sex scenes so that very little is left to the imagination.

Don't miss kissing, bondage, discipline, spanking, whipping, ass eating, sucking fucking and loads of cum. Why do men from every kind of life-style and place love to fuck in front of the camera and show it to the world? Find out in "Let's Talk Sex!"

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