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CAST: Rob Cryston, Trenton Comeaux, Will Clark, Cliff Parker,


RELEASE DATE: 7/10/2003

If you tingle at the sight of tight, shiny latex wrapped around beefy muscles and huge dicks - then Latex Sex Fight is now on your "must have" list! Aussie Andrew Lennox squares off against mid-western beefcake Kyle McKenna in this loser-gets-fucked rubber fantasy. It`s obvious McKenna likes to be dominated, because the nastier Lennox gets, the more McKenna gets turned on. The boys spend round one slapping, kissing, beating and licking their rubber covered muscles. It`s pretty even until McKenna finishes it by choking Lennox with his rubber crotch. But could it be that he just wants to make Lennox even meaner? Lennox spits at McKenna, but McKenna dives in for a wet kiss. Lennox pulls the rubber right up his ass, perfectly framing those fuckable cheeks. Then he peels it off to beat McKenna`s ass with the latex. Lennox easily takes rounds two and three, completely abusing McKenna. Now naked, Lennox makes him worship his ass, dick and balls - even doing push-ups with his cock deep in McKenna`s throat. Finally McKenna is begging to get fucked. But first, Lennox shoves two fingers up his butt, and then four! McKenna is moaning for more and Lennox`s massive prick does the job. It is one long, hot sweaty fuck. You`ll know these boys are just as turned on as you are, when you see their explosions of cum!

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