BG Wrestling

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CAST: Michael Brandon, Rocky, Justin Wells


RELEASE DATE: 11/6/2016

Besides being a good looking guy with nice swimmer's build and a hairy chest, Michael is known for carrying his MONSTER with him wherever he goes. Can't help it! It's attached! When you see this production you will know why his cock is referred to as a MONSTER. As he gets close to cumming, the MONSTER grows fatter and fatter until you are staring in total disbelief. It takes four MAGIC hands to properly massage and get off the MONSTER. BG took his massage table and camera to a gay spa in West Hollywood and asked for volunteer Magic Hands. Several wanted to touch the MONSTER. So, amid, the hustle and bustle of the gay spa BG and the Magic Hands worked over Michael and his MONSTER and this is the hot result.

One model that BG had been thirsting for the "Magic Hands" to get their fingers into has been Rocky, so it was with extreme pleasure that he was finally able to get this stunning muscular model before the BG camera. Of course the "Magic Hands" were also quite pleased to be able to run their digits over the beautiful, taut, muscles of this exceptionally gorgeous Latino. Rocky is in heaven as the "Hands" have their way with him, from massaging his beautiful pecs, squeezing his nips, rubbing oil into his hard butt mounds, to jacking his beautiful big cock. Check out the way Rocky's thigh muscles harden into extreme definition as his cock edges closer and closer to cumming. Yum!

Lean and defined Justin poses for the camera prior to getting on to the massage table so that the “Magic Hands” can have their way with him. And they do. This includes a complete “oiling” and a “Hands” on jack-off. Don’t you just love it when the “Hands” jack one of these models off? Justin just leans back and lets the “Hands” do all the work. He also seems very interested in the work they are doing. Whether he is on his stomach while the “Hands” work over his nice butt, or on his back while the “Hands” jack his cock, from time to time he looks at the action. A short pose post-cum, and a shower complete this video.

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