Can-Am Productions

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CAST: David, Nino Bacci, Tony, Joseph, Guy Bolton, Mathew, Justin, Jao,


RELEASE DATE: 4/8/2008

If you like a front row seat for a smoking hot, one on one strip show, this one’s a can’t miss. Ten totally ripped men dance, pose, take it all off and stroke it just for you in this hypnotic, voyeuristic peep show.

First up is leather god, Nino Bacci. Tall, dark and dominant, Nino starts off slow and sensual in his leather chaps, harness and chrome jock. He shakes his perfectly sculpted ass and licks his biceps as he arouses himself more and more. Finally the chaps and jock come off revealing a thick, throbbing uncut cock and Nino pops a hot load at the end of his performance.

Next up is Joey in boxer briefs and spandex. Beefy and handsome, Joey teases, tempts and titillates as he slowly loses his tank top and shorts. For his big finish, he strokes his man size cock to a grunting climax as he kneels on the dance floor.

Gymnast Joe is the next one to show off his slick moves. Sultry and steamy, he glides around the dance floor like a real pro. Joe is solid muscle but proves to be graceful and limber as well, as he shows off with some high kicks and totally nude splits.

Mathew picks up the pace with a more up tempo groove. This tanned and muscled beach boy has an awesome bubble-butt and knows how to work it. When Mathew’s shorts cum off, his massive hard on pops out. This boy is well endowed in all areas and eagerly jerks his cock to a rousing finish.

Todd is lean, young and totally horned up as he hit’s the dance floor. Sporting a ripped tank and cargo pants, this boy next door definitely has something dirty on his mind. Once the cargo’s come off, Todd shows off in a mini Speedo, flexing, posing and spanking his own hot ass.

Muscle God Guy Bolton works up a sweat and shoots a massive, hot load onto his ripped abs for his big finish.

Joao does a take on Tarzan with his swarthy good looks and leopard shorts. He’d definitely be fun to be lost in the jungle with! Joao is dripping sweat as he finishes big with a huge, grunting cum shot.

Justin (aka Pascal) hits the floor with one outrageously developed body. With massive pecs, thighs and calves, this total body builder practically flexes his way to an orgasm.

Tony is beefy, hairy and totally hot. He shakes it, strips and shoots a load off like a cannon across the dance floor.

Finally, Joseph dances like a superstar, showing off every inch of his tanned, tight and toned body. He’s got a pretty boy smile but nothing but lust in his eyes as he pumps his cock to a creamy climax.

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