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CAST: Brian Maxon, Matt Bradshaw, Brad King, Eric Evans,


RELEASE DATE: 11/17/2003

First off, MAXIMUM MAXON is the hottest, sweatiest, sexiest, three match actioner Can-Am boss Ron Sexton has produced to date, and should have been titled MAXIMUM MAXON`S FUCK FEST. Now for your memory test... ten years ago a killer hot 21 year old porno newcomer named Brian Maxon made three videos including a best seller titled TWO HANDS FULL, then disappeared. Fast forward 10 years... boss Sexton brings back 31 year old muscle god Brian Maxon to squash, dominate, defeat, and victory fuck hairy chested muscleboy Eric Evans, smooth bodied swimmer Matt Bradshaw, and pretty boy porno prince Brad King. In each of this videos three sex matches, butt buster Brian Maxon is sweaty, rockhard, and totally in charge. He strips muscleboy Evans out of white underbriefs, forces multiple submissions, then makes him cum while Maxon is still fucking him. He rips Bradshaw out of his rubber singlet, punishes him, then makes Bradshaw body worship him, then cum while sucking Maxon`s massive meat cannon. He manhandles and relentlessly spanks Brad King in and out of jock straps, then makes King come while still plowing his asshole. For the legions of Brian Maxon fans... he`s back, he`s bigger, he`s hotter, and he`s signed exclusively with Can-Am. For Brian Maxon neophytes... he`s gorgeous, he`s muscular, he`s a fuck machine, and he`s signed exclusively with Can-Am. Ron Sexton delivers Brian Maxon for your most demanding fuck wrestling fantasies in MAXIMUM MAXON. Buy this video!

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