Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Brian Maxon, Paul Morgan,


RELEASE DATE: 4/27/2007

Released earlier this year, Can-Am`s salacious $29 blockbuster "MAXON VS DEAN" defined a new erota-wrestling term: "cock punishment." It was Brian Maxon`s massive cock punishing Toronto`s Jimmy Dean. Now it`s Brian Maxon`s massive cock punishing Hollywood porno-prince Paul Morgan in "MAXON VS MORGAN," and still only $29 bucks! "MAXON VS MORGAN" is Brian Maxon`s latest monster cock assault this time plunged deep down into Paul Morgan`s esophagus, and stretched up Paul Morgan`s ass. Relentlessly rip-stripped, squashed and humiliated in excruciating multiple submissions, somehow Morgan endures the pain and takes every inch of Brian`s hardcock in any body orifice maximum Maxon decides to stick it. Bigger, better, hotter and harder... "MAXON VS MORGAN" goes much DEEPER than "MAXON VS DEAN." Two absolute collection musts, buy "MAXON VS MORGAN" for $29 bucks, or buy both "MAXON VS MORGAN," and "MAXON VS DEAN" (at the same time) for $53 bucks. 90 incredible minutes.

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