Mechanic Mayhem

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Derek Cruz, Clint Peak, Ricky Manero, tyler Stuart, Van Darkholme, Lars Stevenson

DIRECTOR: Van Darkhome

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

You're in a greasy run-down garage on the down wind side of L.A. Five VERY hot, street smart, muscle boy mechanics toil in frustrated bordom until a hotbody customer (a Van Darkholme cameo scene) drives in for a lube job. Hunky service mechanic Derek Cruz (almost unbelievably handsome Latino muscleboy) accepts the job, jumps in Darkholme's car and immediately notices a glittering chrome belt buckle with the letters Z E U S forged into its surface. The instant muscleboy Derek grasps the buckle, there's a flash of light and a shock of energy power surges through his body. Stunned and surprised, he jumps from the car discover himself totally transformed into the MOST beautiful leatherboy muscle stud you've ever seen. This boy's face and body is what porno boy fantasy perfection is all about And ever hotter, he's the new oil pit boss over the other four muscleboy grease monkeys.
From a tied-up-for- inspection line-up, now boss Cruz selects killer kute golden boy Clint . Whudda face. Whudda body. "I've always wanted to fuck you." Cruz informs Clint. "Fuck you! No way!" Clint spits. Well, it isn't painless. It isn't one-sided. And it wasn't easy, but after lots of back and forth muscleboy bondage brutality...boy Clint (who looks like what a younger brother of Brad Pitt might look like) finds himself in a sling, face down, with his world class ass exposed for a double moon butt cheek fist bashing that will blow you away, followed by force dildo exploration...and finally flipped over on his back to get his looks-like-a-virgin ass hole jackhammered for daze.
While Cruz and Clint maul and roil in each others perfect muscleboyz sweat...the fifth hardbody mechanic finds himself mysteriously and salaciously spreadeagled in a blood red fantasy dungeon for the perverted pleasure of Darkholme himself. Wait til you listen to... and watch gorgeous Swedish bondage boy Lars Stevenson suffer and beg...only to beg and suffer some more. Lots more. This is a visually stunning, nipple stretched, prolonged prick teasing, begging to cum, sadistic tour-d-tits exhibition scene just for you nipple freaks by the Dark One himself. Does he let Sweden's take-your-breath-away hero-in-bondage boy cum? Pray for Larz.
Meanwhile, the two remaining muscle-mechs left in the take-your-pick bondage line-up turn their pent up, aggressively sexual frustrations on each other. Bruiser boy barrio bodybuilder Ricky Manero is determined to make college jock Tyler Stuart his personal punching bag, and motor oil fuck boy. But our college jock doesn't like the barrio thug's plans and pay back punishes Manero (including a grease splashing back and ass flogging) as much as he's pummeled and punished. And there's more than enough prolonged, back and forth, give and take B&D action to go around. You'll love watching college jock Tyler take and endure an abusive barrio bang butt fucking drench-lubed inside and out with gritty motor oil....then humiliatingly pressure hosed bound and broken on the filthy greasy cement floor. And for you, with your cock in your hand....not to worry which...because ALL five muscleboy grease monkeys get tied up, and beat up, with enough cock sucking, butt fucking, and body beautiful brutality to get you up....get your off....and get you hooked on MECHANIC MAYHEM.
Director Darkholme takes the Zeus style, look, and legendary models... and firmly adds his own infamous Bondage Master brand on this beautifully photographed, expertly edited, NON-STOP totally brutal, butt fucking muscle bondage fantasy. Which of the five heart-stopping bondage boy muscle-mechs jump starts your lug nut fantasies. Study this video before making your choice.

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