BG Wrestling

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CAST: Mike Rios, Joey Jordan


RELEASE DATE: 11/6/2016

Mike Rios at 220 lbs and Joey Jordan at 230 lbs do qualify for Mega Muscle. For those who enjoy Big Guy Body Worship, this production is a visual treat. Both guys are gay, both get “hard” over the other, and both get into very serious muscle worship – taking this worship to the ultimate “cumclusion”. Big guns, big pecs, big everything!! Since Mike Rios has appeared in more than one bodybuilding contest he takes it upon himself to show Joey how he does his own posing routine. Orally as well as digitally, Mike’s posing routine is followed up by plenty of pec and bicep worship including “bouncing”. Each bodybuilder’s strengths is played to: Joey’s huge guns and pecs, Mike’s pecs, guns and huge thighs. Lots of attention is paid to both bodybuilder butts and abs. Tongues go where they want to. Mutually oiling, jack-off and a shower ends this Mega Muscle Production.

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