Montreal Men In Action 2

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jamie, Steve, Rocco


RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2019

Filmed in April of 1997. While Can-Am fans may have been watching movies like Face/Off or Good Will Hunting, or checking out a young Brad Pitt’s nude pics in Playgirl, we here at Can-Am were filming a trio of unknown muscle studs in Montreal. Get ready for nearly an hour of golden-haired, sunbaked boys rolling, punching, humping, and hurting each other like bosses.

Attired in sleek, shiny, pastel colored trunks, these barefoot boys twist muscular arms, lock fingers in exhausting tests of strength, wrench legs apart, and pound abs with vengeful glee. Our cameras zoom in close to give you a plenty of inviting views of butts, balls, bare feet, and heaving abdomens.

At one point, two aggressors split a third dude nearly in half...a favor that is repaid with raging satisfaction when he manages to break free and put his attackers in double headlocks. Smooth, gym fit bodies are throws around and piled on each other, allowing the victor to mount them like ponies and ride his victims into the mats. Soon spread eagles and spladles give way to sensual muscle worship, as three men gently kiss, caress, fondle, and massage one another in a steamy final act. Who are these mystery wrestlers? Does it matter? They’ve been discovered, and their hot, erotic wrestling work of art is ready for your eyes!

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