Montreal Stripper Fights 2

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Alberto, Alexi

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/15/2015

Enter the strip club, where men of striking sensuality tantalize each other with glowing muscles, undulating hips, and the wanting gazes of deep-set eyes. Tonight the neon lights dance upon the frames of two bitter rivals, each taking his own unique turn on the dance floor. Each offering something special the other can only dream of having. Each, a man on a mission, ready to stomp out the competition with the only weapon they have...their powerful bodies.

Darker Alexi takes to the floor first, slowly peeling away the layers to reveal an enticing back and banging ass. But all too soon he is watching from the shadows as blonde body-beautiful Alberto moves to a latin beat, displaying what might be an even better ass. Alberto seems to know this, and he seems to know Alexi is watching in jealousy from the sidelines. The heat of aggression between them is in the air, in the energy of that space...everywhere. There's only one way to settle it: Fight.

After hours the dancing lights are calmed, and two men of equal beauty and power come to the center to have it out once and for all. They need no words. All they need is their rivalry to drive them forward. One can't help comparing these two studs. Which one had the better feet, thighs, pecs? You get the feeling that's what they do to each other, compare...until all that's left is the opportunity to allow their frames to collide in a final test of power, strength, and beauty. And you, lucky you, are the only secret witness to this brutal battle royal.

Suddenly, they are as one, arms and legs intwined, rolling and wrestling for top position. Neither one seems to be ahead of the other for long. Alexi straddles Alberto, only to be overturned and stretched out by Alberto, who more than enjoys pressing his opponent into the floor with only his chest and abs.

Here the action is slow, sensual, yet mean-spirited, and only occasionally playful. Alexi takes a hefty handful of Alberto's blonde hair, wrenching his head back with a grin of assumed victory that is all too soon muted by Alberto's own retaliation...a brutal attack on Alexi's silver-clad ass. Alberto attempts to return the hair-pulling abuse, but Alexi's hair is too short for him to get a good grip. Instead, he grips the hell out of his balls, clawing and groping until the darker-haired hellion practically begs for release. Each man seems to think the fight will end quickly. Each man seems genuinely surprised, and perhaps even turned-on by his opponents ability to give what he gets.

The cameras love them, closing in tightly on straining arms and legs, faces twisted in expressions of rage, or pain. These men are raging against one another, raging against themselves as they inflict more and more painful holds on one another in a war that consists largely of sweat-streaked, rolling floor fighting. At times these men become so tangled it's nearly impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. There is a tremendous amount of overpowering tests of strength, executed with a rawness rarely seen in wrestling films. The pain in real. The submissions are hard earned.

At last the trunks are peeled off for good. Now the men are in their comfort zone. After all, they are strippers. Now those prize asses are on full display, humping, grinding, and getting spanked, until all hell breaks lose and they men are literally going for broke, dragging each other across the floor, moaning in grunting agony, and trying desperately to hold the other man down with all the strength that can be found in these strong, sweat-covered frames.

The winner is undoubted. As is the reward afterward. Lips blend like drops of water, and two bitter rivals become tender, passionate, pleasuring lovers. Prepare yourself for a moment of well-earned face-in-ass action, nipple play, and an explosive finish that has the winner putting the loser in his place once and for all with a glorious cumshot that explodes all over the loser's heaving chest.

Return to the strip club for another thrilling erotic fight for dominance.

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