Mopped Up

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Dante, Justin Mycles, Callahan, Val, Cody Presscott,

DIRECTOR: Mat Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2008

The exclusive muscle hunks of Jet Set are back in the Can-Am gym and this time Brett Mycles's younger brother Justin is stuck with clean-up duty. Justin disgraced his brother in his last Can-Am outing and now he's stuck mopping up the infamous Can-Am muscle mats. But bad boy Dante has other plans. He's still mad that Brett made him look like a fool in Dante's Champions - LIVE!, and if he can't make Brett pay, then Justin will. But Justin's been practicing hard, and he gets some awesome submissions in as they toss each other around the room. Both boys have beautiful, fuckable butts, and those cracks get flossed over and over as they wedgie each other for painful punishment. These two know how to fight dirty and besides the nipple twisting, suit strangling, and ass beating, Justin discovers the best way to keep Dante from pinning him is to bite his crotch when it gets too close! Maybe that's what gives Dante the extra burst of energy to get Justin into a leg splitting wishbone for the submission. Justin didn't want to give up, but Dante wouldn't stop squeezing his balls until he did.
Things get naked in round two, and Justin is trying valiantly to preserve the family name - after all, Brett's punishment might be more severe than Dante's if Justin loses - but Dante is still the superior wrestler and puts Justin out in a sleeper. He carries him to the oil pit and subjects the beaten and spent Justin to another thrashing. The only way he'll end the pain is too sexually submit to Dante's huge, thick cock. But an expert blow-job isn't enough for Dante, he's got an ass opening surprise for Justin - a baby blue vibrator. That virgin ass is going down! Match two brings you three Can-Am debuts: doe-eyed man boy, Cody Prescott; Russian invader Val; and beer-can thick roughneck, Callahan. Cody and Callahan are squaring off. Cody is boyishly handsome, but surprisingly agile and strong. Callahan is the type of guy you don't want to piss off when he's had a few brews, because he'd probably hit you even when he's sober! The two go back and forth, and Callahan's tree trunk girth might be a hindrance here. Cody manages to surfboard Callahan into submission in round one, and declares, "you fight like a woman." Callahan probably would have made Cody pay for that, but the two are interrupted by gym janitor Val. Val starts sloppily mopping the mat with his own declaration: "I have to clean!" Well, our testosterone twosome isn't putting up with that, and they practically tear Val apart as they mop up with him. Val gets double stretched, double tortured, double slapped, and double dominated. But he still wants to clean. That urge finally goes away when he's presented with double dicks! He sucks both like a pro and then Cody fucks him deep to prep his ass for Callahan's beer can assault. Mop it up!

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