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CAST: Kevin, Denis Dubois,


RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2008

Over the many years Can-Am has been producing wrestling videos, Boss Sexton has brought you hundreds and hundreds of models...each one a different type, a different look, different musculature, and always different personalities and attitudes. It's true, variety is the spice of wrestling. While traveling in French speaking Canada, Boss Sexton ran across two muscular hoties, shot a match between them on the fly, and delivers them to you here in MUSCLE WRESTLING 1. Having established big differences in body type musculature, first off meet weight trained muscle hunk Kevin bulging big time in bright orange trunks. His opponent, Denis Dubois, exhibits lean mean musculature on a lighter frame wearing fully packed tight white Speedo type trunks. While trying to impress each other with who's the better French, Kevin and Denis pose and preen and oil each other down. Your body type cup is full here with bodybuilder Kevin and beautifully-built-for-speed Denis. At the first lock up, it's clear that both men like the other's ass, and basket, as both men get off on a lot of ass smacking and ball crunching. And each man clearly enjoys causing the other pain. But when their trunks get peeled off, you're treated with an unexpected surprise. While both men sport tattoos, Denis' right arm tribal tattoo is impressive, but Kevin's is an unexpected fetish statement. Inked in big bold letters at the lowest part of his shaved groin...just above his cock...Kevin has had "S L A V E" tattooed prominently. Hmmmm-m... Neither man pays much attention to the other's ink work, but both men work hard at physically besting the other. Kevin caves in first getting his balls crushed and stretched. Denis submits to a double arm choke hold for the second fall. With a fall a piece and visibly turned on to each other, the boys call their match a draw so they can get down to manhandling their cocks to pump off big French spluge shots. I wonder how you say "cum shots" in French. It doesn't matter. Nobody needs a translator to understand two juicy cum shots from two juicy hot French Canadian muscle boys.

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