MuscleBoy Battle 3

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Jarvis Yelo, Santiago Santos

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2017

Wow! Who’s the newcomer working so diligently in the locker room? Great face, great bod, innocent look on that stubbled man face. Lean, sexy muscles. Minuscule tri-colored spandex. Meet Jarvis Yelo. He’s hot. He’s new. And he’s not going anywhere.

Enter Santiago Santos, with the bodybuilder muscularity and the face of a student council president. He’s shorter than Jarvis, but something about the way he pries info out of the new guy suggests he’s got an ulterior motive. Either way, both guys work each other out with some pretty impressive stretches, leg lifts, and viewers ample opportunity to enjoy asses, thighs, and gloriously well-cut abdominal muscles on display.

Each man offers a pair solid biceps and deep cum-gutters worth writing home about. Our cameras explore the massive bulges with loving attention. But wait a minute...are they gonna fight or what?

All that peaceful stretching gave Santos the information he needs to destroy his opponent. Or did it? The initial lockup seems pretty evenly balanced. Strength is no question in this match, but moves are. Santos is well-versed in wrestling moves, so what follows is a cavalcade of sleepers, Boston crabs, nelsons, and whispering threats. The shorter guy destroys the bigger new guy in hairpulling, threatening fashion. Buckle your seatbelt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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