BG Wrestling

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CAST: Billy Powell, Bobby Golden, Robbie Cardenas, Chaz Carlton, Sean Banning, David Gibson, Rocky Waters, Christopher Thorne


RELEASE DATE: 9/2/2009

BOUT 1: BILLY POWELL VS. BOBBY GOLDENThis match is scrappy, all-out freestyle wrestling between two grapplers that pretty much know what they are doing. In spite of lots of good holds clamped on well, Bobby Golden could not squeeze out a submission from Billy Powell. Billy Powell, who is probably the stronger of the two and certainly an experienced wrestler, manages to get four submissions out of Bobby Golden. We also hear lots of squeals of satisfaction and trash talk towards Bobby from Billy. Billy knows that he is the superior wrestler and does not hesitate to show it. Yet when the post J/O starts, it’s only Bobby that can get his huge cock hard and cum. Perhaps Billy is too tired from that match? BOUT 2: ROBBIE CARDENAS VS. CHAZ CARLTONIn spite of Chaz being the larger wrestler of the two, it is a very tough and aggressive Robbie that takes this match in two out of three falls. There is lots of infighting, punching, and especially ass slapping. Robbie does his share of cock grabbing as well. The two give no quarter. It is an all-out freestyle matchup. As small as Robbie is, he handles larger wrestlers surprisingly well. But Robbie is all muscle and surprisingly strong. Both wrestlers give a good account of themselves in the post match jack-off. Robbie gives us a hot wrestlers semi-bridge at the very moment he cums. Hot! BOUT 3: ROCKY WATERS VS. CHRISTOPHER THORNEIt’s not often that a number of years separate returning wrestlers to BG, especially when the first one is non-nude and the second nude with a J/O, but Rocky Waters was one. It had been several years since BG videotaped Waters in an Arena matchup, but here he was taking part in a Naked Wrestling bout and looking pretty much the same as he did previously. The same slim, but well muscled, tight body with the washboard abs. He was up against, as it turns out, a very experienced wrestler in Thorne. Rocky gets the worst of the first fall as he is continually manhandled up to his submission. But his act comes together in the second, which he takes. It’s the third where he is put to sleep in a very hot long, agonizing sleeper, in which you think he might make it out, but then falls return victim. Two beautiful muscle flexing J/O’s complete this hot competitive matchup. BOUT 4: SEAN BANNING VS. CASEY LOOMISIf you can believe it, Sean is Bobby Golden’s younger brother. He’s just 18 yo, but we have mucho I.D. to prove that. His brother was waiting until he was 18 to introduce him to BG Wrestling. An interesting introduction it is. His face reminds BG of one of the faces of the earlier “Our Gang” comedies. But the body is solid thin muscle, and Sean is a very aggressive wrestler. This match is all-out freestyle, as is the case with most of BG’s Naked Wrestling matches. The holds that Sean manages to squeeze out of are amazing. There is one hold in which BG figures Sean has to submit, but he manages to spank his way free. Sean isn’t nearly as inventive in other holds Casey clamps on him, yet he manages to get out of every one except the final one. One fall to the finish, and Sean eventually is – finished! But he certainly does arrive to the J/O occasion post match. His cock is huge in comparison to his small, compact body. But the cum shoot height goes to Casey who throws a huge arcing load into the air. Nice!

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