Oh No, Low Blows! DVD

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Aaron Lopez, TJ Reks

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/19/2019

Prettyboy Aaron Lopez looks like he ought to be dancing on a stage somewhere as the music and lights pulsate on his caramel skin and sensual, smooth muscles. Too bad he’s in a wrestling ring posing for nobody. TJ Reks pushes Lopez out of the way to admire himself, Lopez pushes back. Typical set up for two sexy boys to fight it out.

TJ looks killer in glittering green trunks and boots, but Lopez leaves nothing to the imagination in white, paper thin gear and bare feet. TJ hoists him up and tosses him. Lopez has had it. Time for a low blow that leaves TJ reeling with pain. Lopez gets as good as he gives, getting spanked and wedgied, sleepered and slapped. But this ain’t no squash match. Lopez recovers and pounds TJ’s balls with increasing glee, kicking him in the side and purring with delight as he watches his opponent hurt.

TJ writhes and rolls in pain, easing himself over to an unsuspecting Lopez to force him down again through pounding, throttling, agonizing ball abuse.

“Stay the fuck down,” barks adorable Lopez in his toughest voice. “Fuck you, I’m gonna put you in a sleeper!” Will Lopez be victorious, or has TJ finally pushed too far?

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