On The Mat 4: Knight vs Scion DVD

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Niko Knight, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 7/5/2018

Is there anything better than a prettyboy fighting? They put so much effort into their body, their skin, their perfect hair that falls just right. Even the cut of their fight shorts is carefully selected to show off their sex muscles and package perfectly. Maybe that’s why it’s so satisfying to watch a truly pretty prettyboy fight. In the heat of battle, none of that outward stuff matters...and they get so pissed off when they suffer. Niko Knight is that perfect prettyboy, flawless in every way. Logan Scion is the baller brawler who will challenge this prince to forget about the exterior, and FIGHT.

Scion is a scrapper. He uses everything he’s got in his sweaty, barefoot grapple matches, trashtalking and tormenting his pretty opponent with headlocks and arm twists, Boston crabs and camel clutches. Knight suffers like a prettyboy, raging, gasping, and unable to resist as Scion grinds his head into the mat. But soon the prettyboy finds his strength, and both dark-skinned studs are clawing and schoolboy pinning each other desperately, sweat dripping in agonizing glory!

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