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CAST: Paul Perris, Doug Brandon,


RELEASE DATE: 6/18/2009

Since Can-Am introduced you to Paul Perris 3 years ago in Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling #3, the "...more of Paul Perris!" customer request letters have not stopped. Immigrating from Poland to Toronto in 1992... with his spectacular good looks, killer hot body, and natural dancing ability, Paul went to work for Ron Sexton`s Can-Am Entertainment all male (Chippendale-like) revue. Paul soon began shooting wrestling videos for Sexton`s Can-Am Productions. Wildly popular in both his dance revue and wrestling videos, Sexton brought Perris to Los Angeles to help further his entertainment career. With his looks, body, and a Black Belt in Karate, Paul was soon cast in the touring stage production of a mega-popular video game and recent movie of the same name we are prohibited to mention, but we`ll give you one guess to figure it out. With less time and interest in revue dancing and wrestling videos, Paul shot two last Can-Am projects (one in Toronto, and one in Los Angeles) as a personal favor to Sexton before joining the karate stage show cast. In Los Angeles, Paul shot PAUL PERRIS EXPOSED at the Can-Am Studios, and a Hollywood Hills mansion. PAUL PERRIS EXPOSED may well be the last and most intimate video footage ever posed by Paul... and done so exclusively for Can-Am customers. When the totally exposed Paul Perris finally makes love to the pillows of his bed while being held as a love slave captive in your DVD player, you`ll wish you were those pillows. In the studio, under hot lights, in the pool, in the shower, and in his bed... Paul Perris exposes himself to be one of the sexiest men alive. And now that PAUL PERRIS EXPOSED has your rockhard attention, buckle up for PAUL PERRIS VS. DOUG BRANDON shot in Toronto, and on the same tape. Erota-wrestling sadist Doug Brandon manhandles Perris the same way he destroys all his opponents... without mercy. The breathtaking Perris body endures an endless humiliating beating, gets stripped naked, beat up some more, worked over, tied up, and left helpless. This Can-Am double feature is the most stunningly erotic and brutally punishing video combo we`ve ever offered, and the last totally nude Paul Perris footage that may ever be shot. If Perris succeeds in the film footsteps of his goal models Schwarzenegger and VanDamm... and if you buy this video... you`ll always be able to shower and go to bed with Paul Perris any time you want. "This video will become a collectable." Video Resource Reviews.

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