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CAST: dex sutton, patrick ryan, randy white, ryan block, trenton comeaux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/28/2005

Double Feature: BONDAGE TRIO PAYBACK Sleazy hot Ryan Block jock-naps ZeusBoy of the Year Patrick Ryan and his "lover" porn star hunk Randy White, then strips, ties them up, and has his way with muscle-boy Patrick in front of his helpless lover Randy. Revenge payback comes a few days later when Patrick and Randy capture Ryan, take him back to the dungeon and work him over BIG time. Very sexy three-way action. NAVY BRIG DISCIPLINE Navy brig "officer" Dex Sutton catches brig prisoner seaman Trenton Comeaux jacking off in his cell and decides to teach muscle-boy Comeaux a lesson the old fashioned Navy way. Muscular hairy chested Officer Sutton ties up, rip-strips, punches and flogs Comeaux in multiple bondage positions. Hot, sweaty, man-to-man action with six double feature cum shots.

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