Please - Not My Nuts! 2 DVD

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Nathan FX, TJ Reks

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 3/2/2019

Nathan FX thinks he’s a stud, strutting around the ring in his minuscule red speedo and matching sweat bands. He’s a pale dude, handsome and lean like a wolf, with nicely cut abs and deep sex muscles. TJ Reks pretends to be impressed, even though he knows he’s tanner, meaner, and more muscular, with a swinging package that hangs low and heavy in grape purple gear.

Pale FX recovers from the initial attack on his balls by spanking TJ’s ass, only to get knocked down again. FX pinches and gropes TJ’s chest, ripping at the tender pectoral skin and attacking his opponent’s superior package. FX drags pretty TJ around the ring by his hair, then hoists him up with a guttural “fuuuck yeah,” only to wedgie the hell out of his ass so hard his voice goes up.

FX bends a gasping TJ over, displaying his ass for the camera as the handsome hunk struggles and kicks uselessly. The sexy action and ball abuse goes back and forth, as TJ punches and FX suffers between his sweaty thighs. Nips are twisted and tortured so hard you can practically feel it. Abs are clenched and clawed, and hair is pulled so hard this could almost pass for a male catfight. This is a battle with true rage, and it ends with the most painful armpit eating, ball and nipple torture hold we’ve ever filmed...not to mention some humiliating boot kissing!

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