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CAST: Mike Mackey, Adam Battle, Vinnie Rey, Jungle Stud, Kelly Atkinson, Matt Logan, Stony Biggs, Antonio ruiz, Nolan Edwards, Sony Markham, David Silvano,


RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2010

Shot in two Southern California locations (CAN-AM`s Los Angeles studio / gym, and another pro-ring facility) POWER MATCH SIX-PAK delivers eleven hardbody wrestlers in six down-and-dirty submission actioners.

MATCH ONE: JUNGLE STUD vs SONNY MARKMAN. Wild, body beautiful Jungle Stud (wearing a purple patterned bikini) punishes and humiliates handsome college athlete Sonny Markman (wearing a red bikini) beating him mercilessly in two straight falls.

MATCH TWO: VINNEY REY vs NOLAN EDWARDS. More evenly matched, hotbody Vinnie Rey in purple bikinis camel-clutches fall one from handsome Nolan Edwards wearing blue bikinis. Nolan chokes Vinney to sleep for fall two. Then Vinney punishes pretty boy Edwards before making him submit to a crippling figure-four leg lock for fall 3.

MATCH THREE: KELLY ATKINSON vs STONY BIGGS. Goateed Kelly Atkinson`s defined swimmers` physique suffers impressively against light-skinned-black Stony Biggs` relentless aggression, loosing two straight falls to Stony`s camel-clutch choke hold and a back breaker crucifix.

MATCH FOUR: ADAM BATTLE vs JUNGLE STUD. Back for double duty, Jungle Stud dominates movie star good-looking Adam Battle wearing red / white / & blue American flag trunks. In a rainbow stripped bikini, Jungle Stud wins fall one with a camel clutch. Battle takes fall two with a boston crab back breaker. Stud takes fall 3 with a prone surfboard submission but is surprise attacked in his victory pose by blond musclestud Mike Mackey who puts the Stud out cold following his win over Adam Battle.

MATCH FIVE: MIKE MACKEY vs ANTONIO RUIZ. This is the battle of the bodies with Mackey in turquoise trunks, and Ruiz in a yellow bikini. Ruiz nearly breaks Mackey`s back taking fall one. Mackey punishes Ruiz to submission in a 2nd fall double hammerlock. Then Mackey continues the agony putting Ruiz out cold with a long, slow, chokehold sleeper.

MATCH SIX: MATT LOGAN vs DAVID SILVANO. Matt Logan (in peach trunks), a breathtaking cross between Tom Cruise and Steve Sterling, takes fall one from lime green bikinied David Silvano with an airplane spin. Silvano punishes killer good-looking Logan to a 2nd fall submission with a painful prone surfboard backbreaker. And just as Silvano has Logan close to a 3rd fall submission, Jungle Stud jumps in to save his buddy Matt with Silvano losing the match to dirty double teaming. POWER MATCH SIX-PACK delivers almost two full hours of non-stop, bodybeautiful, CAN-AM muscle wrestling... the best in the business.,

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