Pro Challenge 1

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Cameron Matthews (aka Trevor Matthews), Jobe Zander

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/22/2014

Beautiful bad boy Cameron Matthews is in his home away from home: the ring! Stretching, doing bridges that show off his flawless abs and arm muscles, the perfect pro is perfectly at peace, until the approach of blonde badass Jobe Zander. He`s hot, he`s haughty, with tattoos and a wave of golden hair that falls delicately over his eyes. This preppy pro is completely territorial, and the ring is his territory.

"What the fuck are you doing?" says Zander, haughtily.

"Nice to see you too," Matthews returns.

"Let me finish the sentence," says Zander. "What the fuck are you doing in my ring?"

It`s on.

But it starts with a dare. Zander hear`s the cheers of an audience that isn`t really there. He invites a doubtful Matthews to climb up on the ropes and hear for himself, thus inviting the younger wrestler to turn his back on the deceitful Zander, who answers this foolishness by slamming Matthews fully in his unclenched abs and following it up with a series of ariel attacks, drops, and back breakers. Matthews suffers beautifully, his youthful face contorting as he feels every ounce of pain shiver down his back.

You`ll have a hard time watching this match without focusing on Jobe Zander`s massive center piece, gloriously emphasized by striking red speedos. There`s a poetry in the way these two bodies-- one lean and muscular, one more broad and beefy--crash into each other. The slapping, pounding, raw driving together of two muscular frames makes for a dissonant harmony.

Zander finds his pleasure in abusing Matthew`s abs, attacking his with fists of fury, knees, elbows, and feet. Matthews takes it in the abs from one end of the mat to another, all while dishing out sizzling trash talk and clashing masculine egos.

Soon bodies are entwined in the ropes, being hung out to dry.

"This isn`t even legal!" one fighter cries out.

"There`s no ref," the punisher reminds the punished.

Then comes the ball abuse. In what is easily one of the most epic punishing moves ever seen, one fighter is forced to straddle the middle rope, then dragged along it at break-neck speed, abusing every part of the wrestler`s impressive package, until he`s left hunched up in the middle of the mat, suffering like the little bitch he is.

"You hit me in the nuts one more time I`m gotta hit you so hard you`ll be pissing blood for a week!" threatens the abused wrestler, through gritted teeth. And amazingly, he makes good, turning his full fury on his opponent, and returning the ball abuse ten fold. Through speedos, balls and cocks are squeezed, squashed, and even stepped on with booted feet, until voices go up in pitch, and grown men are reduced to begging, pleading, and praying for an end. Scissor holds, camel clutches, full nelsons. As the agonizing torture wears on, these guys begin to treat each other more like sparring brothers than enemies, allowing the unifying power of shared pain to bring them together in the end.

Two minutes into Pro Challenge 1, you`ll be riveted, and watch to the very end.

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