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RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2014

Drake Davenport is a true athlete, and he's not taking anybody's shit. Davenport stands tall and strong in red speedos. Lean and muscular, with flawless abs that stretch and tighten alluringly. With long, well-muscled arms and an "over it" half-smile, he patiently waits for his opponent to enter the ring while busting out some expertly done one-legged push-ups.

Jobe Zander arrives, all threats and big talk. He paces like a nervous animal in a cage, circling the leaner, slimmer Davenport as if he means to threaten him with his powerful chest and thighs. Zander is big, beefy, with a wave of blonde hair that catches the light. Decked out in white speedos and black pro gear, he means to rip the leaner stud apart and put him back together again piece by piece.

"They want to see me win, and they want to see you knocked out," taunts Zander, informing the slimmer man that he will be begging in the end.

"You sure do talk a lot," laughs Davenport, before the two studs tie up, and tear each other down like the pros they are.

All too soon these studs find themselves caught up in the ropes, being charged and choked. Davenport finds himself on his knees, suffering like a bitch. Backbreakers and ball-grabs lead to black boots pressed hard against windpipes, or two torsos shoved hard against each other in a perfect attitude of threatening anger. These studs are up and down, one moment tied up in standing headlocks and winding tie-ups, the next moment they're struggling on the floor in humiliating arm locks and figure fours.

Soon Zander is sweating down his chest, his golden body glossy with the efforts of his punishing holds. Davenport repays the favors with torturous ball abuse and an ass-to-ass reverse camel where he literally rides Zander while pulsing up and down and clutching his package cruelly. Zander recovers, intwining poor Davenport in the corner ropes and attacking his abs and package, until Davenport collapses to the floor like a marionette with the strings cut.

"How'd that feel, huh?" asks Zander, cupping his own package like a real man and sneering down at the boy. "I fight dirty."

Davenport is unbound from the ropes and trapped in a deadly sleeper hold, but not before his rod is shoved against the ropes in more agonizing package abuse. Davenport is forced to beg for mercy, but paybacks are sweet when Davenport turns the tables, demanding to hear Zander beg, and beg, and beg. And beg he does, especially when found at the other end of Davenport's merciless combination headlock/nipple torture. Soon it's back to the corners, and all abdominal abuse.

The true thrill of this matchup is the back and forth action. No one man stays on top for very long, and each is put through his paces. The ultimate question, of course, is who will be the last man forced to beg for mercy? Will it be sleek and serious Davenport, or crowing, cocky Zander?

From the moment this match starts you be unable to tear your eyes away from the screen. Prepare yourself for the sweating, stomping, rope-climbing, body tossing, and of course, begging, finale.

"That's what I thought," crows the winner. "Knocked out like a bitch."

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