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CAST: Michael Vineland, Landon Mycles


RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2010

Oh yeah. Order this video. Boss Sexton's PRO SEX FIGHTS 1 is the best pro/sex video from Can-Am to date. In addition to starring honey colored Can-am Exclusive muscle stud Michael Vineland, and new Can-Am first timer demi-god Landon Mycles, this superior sex-sational mat actioner also LOOKS good in Boss Sexton's newly revamped and upgraded ring wrestling studio. The beautifully lit pro ring is surrounded by giant portraits of Can-Am superstars. Suffering in a prolonged backbreaking camel clutch... Landon is forced to look up at Michael's hero pose poster. So... let's talk about PSF's very sexual "opponents". It was instant carnal attraction the first time they circled each other at the beginning of the match. They tease each other. They goad each other. They even compliment each other. But neither looses his fuck-the-other focus. These stunning men teach a master class in sensual, sexual, man on man manhandling. For most of the action big black beautiful Michael dominates the sensually willing and truly stunning white muscle boy Landon. They punish, then worship, then punish, then love each others' fantasy bodies... slowly... painfully. They talk easy going smack talk. They make you crazy. You just can't wait for the video's fuck scene. Ah... the sex scene. Who gets fucked? Each man's perfect ass deserves his opponent's rockhard cock. And this video's sex scene does not disappoint. You will cum right along with Michael and Landon. These beautifully muscled athlete wrestlers love to show off. They love the attention. They love to sweat. And they love the give and take of pro muscle punishment pain. And so will you. Guaranteed. This is Boss Sexton's holiday season gift to your dicks. And your dicks will be extremely happy you ordered PRO SEX FIGHT 1. Do it.

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