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CAST: Drake Wild, Tyler St. James,


RELEASE DATE: 10/31/2012

Pro Sex Fight 10 brings back muscleGOD Tyler St. James who wears a HOT blue Speedo that suits him just FINE! Last we saw Tyler in the pro ring was up against Michael Vineland in "Pro Sex Fight 8" where the two muscle titans battled it out.

This matchup against Drake Wild but look like David and Goliath... however, don`t underestimate the capabilities of Drake Wild. He looks like a younger Jimmy Dean and has the same spunky attitude. Drake realizes quickly that he is out-muscled by the huge St. James so what is a young wannabe heal to do? Take the giant down by using every nasty cheap move he can think of.... starting with a mule kick to the nuts.

Tyler figured this would be an easy match that would lead to a hot fuck of the smaller muscleboy.... what he did not count on was Drake Wild only tops and wanted to have himself a piece of HOT Tyler St. James ass, and was prepared to do just about anything to make that happen. The bigger they are the harder they`ll fall is his thinking.

What we get to witness is a stunning display of muscle, cheap shots, nasty tricks, more muscle, and much more controlling moves by Drake. The wrestling is fucking hot and the sex is even hotter. Both of these fighters put up a good fight, suck dick, kiss, and then one of them puts his ass on the line, or mat in our case.

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