Pro Sex Fight 15: Vineland Vs. Maguire

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Connor Maguire, Michael Vineland

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

Towering Michael Vineland stands at an imposing 6`2", a glossy, caramel-skinned, piece of pure muscular perfection. When he plants his white-booted feet and throws his head and arms back in a luxurious stretch, one can`t help being blown away by the incredible, tree trunk hard torso. Those lats, those obliques, those astonishing abs. Thick, masculine forearms...big, bulging biceps...and the smallest possible orange-trimmed speedos possible. His pecs literally cast shadows. We are being given a gift in this opportunity to watch Vineland strut his stuff alone in the ring as he awaits his next opponent.

Just as you star to think there`s no hotter man at Can Am, in walks Connor Maguire...a totally different kind of hot. It`s as if the universe has brought together two opposites to do battle before our eyes. Maguire is blonde, fair, almost elf-like in appearance. His beauty - so unlike the swarthy golden luster of Vineland - reminds one of a combination of Eminem, James Dean, and Zelda`s Link, particularly considering he swaggers into the ring dressed in a tight green singlet and matching boots. He is blonde, boyish, almost pretty, with just a touch of punk to even it all out.

"I don`t think you`re pretty enough to be a champion," Maguire says to Vineland, a cocky smile on his lips.

"You`re not fighting anybody in elementary school. You`re fighting a man. THE man," Vineland responds.

The lockup comes only after the endless anticipation built by a lengthy set of circling and trash talking. When both men finally tie up, it feels almost destined. What follows is a series of arm-wrenching torture holds, dramatic throws, leg scissors.

"You like the power?" demands Vineland, forcing the blonde boy down on all fours while tightening a punishing headlock.

Crotch grabbing...nipple twisting...shoulder carries...brutal gut punches...

Even the strongest tree trunk abs can`t withstand punishment like this!

For fans of combination painful and sexy holds, this is the match for you. These guys are experts when it comes to inflicting painful torture to one part of the body, while applying tender, stroking, sexual contact to another. Soon it`s impossible to tell if we`re watching a wrestling match, or a pair of lovers locked in an extremely sweaty, violent fuck...

...and that`s where everything leads. With a single crotch-to-face pin, followed shortly by a long-held bear hug, these colossal titans, each so uniquely beautiful, blur the lines between fighter and lover until everything culminates in a spanking, hair pulling, grunting, massive cock sucking, passionately kissing, sweating, gasping, thrusting fuck like none you`ve ever seen before.

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