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CAST: A.J. Irons, Max Munoz,


RELEASE DATE: 4/15/2011

A.J. Irons is back. You're remember him as the very hot Rio Garza "little brother" look-alike with the killer body. A.J.'s opponent Max Munoz is taller and heavier, but the two men are more evenly matched in wrestling skills. Both wrestlers approach this match as more of a training session sharing lots of wrestling technique banter. In trading off holds and advantages, each sets the other one up for very sexy exhibition punishments. "How's that feel" each asks the other as their buddy match gets more serious. At one point Max split-spreads A.J.'s arms and legs over the corner ropes in a helplessly salacious position, oils him up, manhandles him, then sucks A.J.'s exposed and vulnerable cock. Max's torso slapping, tit tweeking, and crotch groping the sexy muscleboy's body will test your will power. Finally smaller A.J. fucks his bigger opponent's ready, willing, and hungry ass-hole in some seriously sexy penetration camera work. Dueling cum shots make Pro Sex Fight 3's fuck scene particularly satisfying. Both A.J. and Max have hot bodies, but watching the sweat run down A.J.'s musculature as he plows Max's ass is slo-mo jack-off heaven. A.J. Irons fans will love watching their muscle boy give and take a lot of sexy mat action and finally fucking sexy Max Munoz.

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