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CAST: Michael Vineland, Tyler St. James,


RELEASE DATE: 4/14/2012

Get a hold of your dicks gentlemen. Boss Sexton keeps raising the excellence bar of the caliber of athletes he matches up for his premiere pro wrestling sex series PRO SEX FIGHTS. Number 8 in this series is beef cake heaven starring one of his favorite exclusives Michael Vineland, plus muscular Marine recruit looking Tyler St James. Watching these two muscle gods shake hands, then proceed to torture and punish each other's beautiful bodies is incendiary. Michael systematically works every bulging muscle in Tyler's body... demonstrating the A to Z's of agony, punishment, and pain endurance. Is this going to be a muscle squash match? Suddenly Tyler surprises Michael and retakes the match advantage for some truly punishing pay back. Big time pay back. Michael suffers magnificently. In fact, Michael looses his trunks and dignity first, and is first getting Tyler's cock forced down his throat. Ok. OK. The series title promises SEX. So who gets fucked? As it turns out, Tyler St James has a commandingly huge cock. So you're going to own and watch Tyler's fat white trophy dick fuck Michael's splendid world class black ass. It's a popper experience. And everybody cums together. You might suggest for Boss Sexton to get Tyler St James' amazing muscle butt fucked soon. He's that hot. Pro Sex Fight 8 lives up to the series' earlier matches, and you can just tell Boss Sexton takes a very personal interest in this exclusive collection. Michael and Tyler are waiting to cum with you. Order up.

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