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CAST: Michael Vineland, Derek Fox,


RELEASE DATE: 7/18/2012

Keep your Pro Sex Fights series current and fresh. This is Boss Sexton's #9 in his PSF elite collection. Starring one of Can-Am's continuing exclusives stretching out very small yellow trunks... killer gorgeous Michael Vineland. This actioner is truly a battle of the bodies. Red has never looked better than stretched across Derek Fox's bodybuilder butt and bulging crotch. These two mat gods might even like each other a little (What's not to like?) although they're very serious about punishing each other to the match win. And they are both proud pros in the punishment give and take departments. Almost friendly banter passes between them... even when they're suffering each other. "Man... you got me with that one." Notice the nice editing showing the two gods punishing the other. Derek taps out of the first round rather than loose his balls to Vineland's testicular assault. They almost pass the advantage back and forth in randy sportsmanship. And you almost have to believe they got off allowing the other the advantage and being beaten, mauled, and manhandled by each other. Very sweaty. Very sexy. Both trunks come off. Both men are spectacular. Derek is the first to mix sexy body movements in with their wrestling. They sweat. They grunt. They laugh. They suffer. They entertain and mesmerize you completely with their combined rough-raw sexuality. Sexton's Pro Sex Fights always deliver a world class fuck. You might be surprised at who gets fucked, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed. PSF #9 measures up to and keeps this excellent pro series viable, collectible, and thoroughly entertaining. Derek Fox is the new "best sufferer". He spreads himself out for it.

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