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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Trevor Mathews, Donnie Drake, Rio Garza,


RELEASE DATE: 4/15/2011

OK. Tag team junkies... rejoice. Boss Sexton has matched up four of Can-Am's hottest stars to answer all your tag team fantasies. Team Gorgeous is Rio Garza & Trevor Matthew VS Team Destruction Aryx Quinn & Donnie Drake. First check out the teeny bikini packages Rio and Trevor are sporting. Bulging targets for ball sack sadists Aryx and Donnie. All four hot bods are skilled pro wrestlers fairly evenly matched in size, weight, and physiques. might be suspected...ring leader Aryx and dastardly Donnie don't fight fair. Both sides double team each other, but happily for most of you...Team Gorgeous suffers the most. And just for you Rio fans... Rio's suffering is a very generous bonus. After all, Boss Sexton directed this muscle punishment brawl. And even tho Rio and Trevor are encouraged by winning the first fall, it just makes Aryx's and Donnie's prolonged revenge payback all the hotter and more brutal. And all thru their suffering, Rio and Trevor have to listen to Aryx's constant smack mouth insults. Boss Sexton's new in-studio pro ring is beautifully lit, and all four stars look absolutely fucking delicious. If this tag team punishment actioner doesn't make your dicks hard, you're in the wrong lockerroom. Who wins? You might not be surprised at who wins...but know this...their ending is endless and humiliating and world class jack off HOT. You'll be the winner having shot your loads sometime during the final series of torturous submissions endured by Rio and Trevor. As Aryx keeps yelling.... "You can't submit! You can't give up". So their punishment goes on. You'll love PRO TAG !

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