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CAST: Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Rio Garza, Trevor Mathews, Donnie Drake,


RELEASE DATE: 6/17/2011

Two out of 3 falls. No referee. Jobe Zander and Rio Garza make up the first half of this unlikely tagteam. Rio looks stunning in his small orange Speedo and Rio is the only fighter in this group without formal pro training… however he has come a long way. Cameron Matthews and Donnie Drake make up the other tagteam and both of these highly accomplished fighters take quick control. All four of these hotbod fighters take it upon themselves to setup rules and adhere to them as much as possible. The main difference between Can-Am Wrestling and pro rings such as the WWE is the gear. In Can-Am Wrestling the gear is brief, form fitting. Both cocks and butts are highlighted. The gear worn by Cameron Matthews and Rio Garza is especially delicious. Combining the sexy gear and knowledge of pro holds makes Can-Am Wrestling eye delicious as well as entertaining.The first fall takes 16 minutes but Garza is able to drape Matthews over his shoulders for an over the shoulder backbreaker submission. In the second fall Garza is double teamed by Drake and Matthews and submits. Zander is totally pissed that Garza gave up and in a totally unexpected move attacks Rio. The third fall ends up as a 3 vs. 1. Garza gets his body and his balls brutally triple teamed until he finally says, “I Quit” – more than once. The three wrestlers leave the ring, leaving Garza totally trashed, totally out of it in center ring.

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