Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Brenden Cage, Jake Lyons, Landon Mycles

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/3/2011

Can-Am puts on a glossy, perfect, pro-style tagteam bash of the bodies. Muscle bodys Aryx Quinn and Brenden Cage in matching blue, square off against muscleman Landon Mycles and youthful hotty Jake Lyons (enjoy his suffering). King of smack mouth Aryx quickly takes control of the match action. Shot in Can-Am`s brilliant main ring, the perfect lighting, very nice camera work, and slick editing all adds up to best yet of the genre. But it is the endless ego banter smack talk between the guys that draws you right into the fantasy. This winner video creates a new bench mark Boss Sexton now has to live up to. Anyhow, little Jake Lyons is a tiger cub in the ring. Good thing because Quinn and Cage double team the cub for some ungentlemanly training in the fine art of pain. All right yes. The sex. Who gets fucked? I`ll tell ya up front... Aryx Quinn gets fucked so hard his smack mouth shuts up. He only moans and groans while getting his painfully tight asshole power plowed. There`s lots more sex. It`s very hot and satisfying. This is one of Boss Sexton`s best. Get this one. You won`t be disappointed, and your dicks will thank you profusely.

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