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CAST: clint cooper, joey d`falco, lance gear, trenton comeaux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

PUNISHMENT ASYLUM is a totally original B&D video that delivers hardcore sucking, fucking, and SM punishment in a secret subterranean "clinic" maintained for the purpose of forcing attitude adjustment and behavioral changes. "Incorrigibles", deemed by a future Establishment, are sent to the PUNISHMENT ASYLUM where sadistic masked doctors prescribe and officiate over the harsh physical "treatments" of asylum inmates by merciless muscular orderlies.

Bound and muzzled inmates Trenton Comeaux and (Titan exclusive) Lance Gear are manhandled and drug down stairs and thru long halls of the sub-surface facility to the "clinic" by over sexed orderlies Clint Cooper and Joey D'Falco. Escorted by "doctor" Daddy Zeus, and his deviate assistant Sigmoid into the clinic, inmates Comeaux and Gear are unmuzzled, stripped, and hung up by their wrists for rough exploratory examinations. Groped, spanked, abs punched, pex pounded, bitten, chewed, flogged and more...muscle-boys Comeaux and Gear are punishment prepped for what's to come. Butt-to butt dog style on an examining table, Comeaux and Gear are forced to impale themselves on a high tech double dildo while sucking D'Falco's and Cooper's cocks.

Suffering cock clamping and "toxic" douching, Comeaux and Gear are flipped over on their backs head-to-head for a four-way fuck scene that will blow your minds, and make you obsess to get on PUNISHMENT ASYLUM's patient waiting list.

Executive produced by Steve Johnson, and directed by Daddy Zeus, this Close-Up Productions/Zeus Studios co-production delivers imaginative production style, no-bullshit SM, powerful and explosive hardcore sex, the extraordinary musclestud visuals of Clint Cooper, Trenton Comeax, Joey D'Falco, & Lance Gear ALL in the same video, and multiple cum shots. Business associates for over 20 years, Close-Up & Zeus reunite to co-produce their first video of the new millennium PUNISHMENT ASYLUM. Order up! There will be a rush for this one!