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CAST: alex bohlen, cliff conlan, ivan malek, serge caravaggio, steve sterling

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 5/30/2006

PUNISHMENT FOUR'S double feature delivers muscle god Steve Sterling, and the incomparable Serge Caravaggio tied up and beat up for your jack-off pleasure. Feature One: TR-18's Ivan Malek and stud boy Cliff Conlan abduct Steve Sterling on the night before a physique contest to beat him up and work him over so that he'll look bad and lose the contest against their boss. Steve suffers heavily for your muscle punishment fantasies. Feature Two: Body beautiful Serge Caravaggio gets rip-stripped and endures a series of strict bondage positions and constant abuse from no-bullshit San Francisco leather top Alex Bohlen. Killer hot Serge takes a prolonged chest/abs/back/& butt flogging that will drain you dry. And Steve Sterling's two-on-one bondage beating establishes new levels for muscle abuse fantasy.

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