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CAST: kid leopard, rusty behr

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 11/20/2007

Kid Leopard, certified sadist and owner of BG East wrestling video company, gives 25 year old Zeus bondage puppy Rusty Behr a "no limits" PUNISHMENT beating that takes the blond, blue eyed heartbreaker to new levels of pain. Young Rusty suffers the entire alphabet of agony as Leopard spreads and stretches, arches and suspends, twists and pinches, yanks and squeezes, slaps and spanks, taunts and tortures the bare-ass boy to the brink of his tolerance and beyond. Submitting repeatedly in agonizingly prolonged and inescapable positions at new thresholds of pain, Rusty bravely sustains his PUNISHMENT. Thinking he's taken everything his tormentor has in his arsenal of agony....Rusty's PUNISHMENT is, in fact, just beginning. Leopard's brutal sadism, and Rusty's hot little boybody and endurance will blow your mind and your wads over and over. Includes sexy shower scene and cum shots.

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