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CAST: brian dawson, scott answer

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 12/11/2006

Legendary Zeus golden boy Scott Answer is back, and in very sexy trouble with Brian Dawson. "Officer" Answer tracks leatherstud Dawson to his secret dungeon and gets surprise captured, knocked out, stripped out of his uniform, tied up, and worked over to your hard-on's content. Spreadeagled face up, then face down on a St Andrew's cross, "Officer" Answer's Tom-of-Finland nipples live up to their take-anything reputation, and his beautiful bubble butts gets leather gloved spanked red, ripe, and rudely. Ending up on Dawson's black leather bed, sweat splatters everytime these two hardbodies slam and grind against each other in one of the sexiest scenes you've seen. This video also delivers a full 30 minutes of previews featuring Zeushunks stripped down, tied up, worked over, fucked over, and served up just the way you like 'em....all.

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