Red Fury


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CAST: Logan Scion, Travis James

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 7/4/2017

Heroic Red Light hangs, bound by his wrists and suspended in a dark prison. His powerful chest panting in his silver and red super suit, the line of his massive cock visible. A caped, sweet-faced hero appears, trying to free his comrade. Suddenly, his silvery cape turns black...he’s no hero companion...he’s Red Venom! The villain tortures, chokes, and torments the hero, pulling him up by his hair and stroking his muscular body with gloved hands. Lycra-on-lycra, muscle-on-muscle, until…

Red Light is stripped, exposing his powerfully erect cum cannon, which Red Venom gleefully strokes and massages, demanding the hero’s super seed...compelling the hero to pump his muscular cum cannon until he blows his heroic load!

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