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CAST: dr. rick, jason trevor

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 9/27/2013

Over the years Zeus has traveled far and wide to shoot original SM scenes in some of the most infamous dungeons in the country. With "original" being the key word here, RITUAL was shot in the San Diego dungeon of "Dr Rick" (an M.D., and PH.D who specialized in occult SM fantasies). That year's Mr San Diego Drummer, Jason Trevor, was Dr Rick's boyfriend/bottom, and the two (plus a hunky friend) star in RITUAL. With lighting totally by candles, Dr Rick works Jason hard...hogtied, ball stretched, completely body shaved, nipples abraded with sand paper, clothes pinned, cropped, hot waxed, flogged, retied, buggy whip butt and chest whipped, retied, and wrapped in clear plastic tubing filled with scalding water. Later, surrounded by a circle of candles, Dr Rick allows Jason to shoot a massive load he'd suffered long and hard for. One of Zeus' most unusual and visually creative videos, RITUAL is hard SM with an occult twist.

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