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CAST: robert black

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 4/7/2008

CAN'T GET ENOUGH is a trio of solo sessions with Daddy Zeus working over Zeusboy of the Year Robert Black as a "cowboy," G.I. "prisoner of war," and a "leatherboy."
Wearing Levis, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat...hogtied Robert gets stripped,cropped, and body punched. Wearing fatiques, brogans, and dog bound P.O.W. Robert gets his nipples, cock, balls, and endurance tested heavily before being stretched and retied, sloshed with a bucket of cold water, then electro interrogated. Finally, wearing cut-off chaps and boots, leatherboy Robert gets hot waxed, flogged, deep butt dildo'd, and jacked off. As the legions of his fans know, nobody loves to suffer more than Robert Black...or looks hotter bound, gagged, and worked over. CAN'T GET ENOUGH is classic Zeus B&D.

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