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CAST: Jobe Zander (brad Boyer), Rio Garza,


RELEASE DATE: 8/20/2010

This unique actioner is actually a double feature, double your pleasure meat beater starring Can-Am exclusive superstar Rio Garza and beach blond muscle hunk Jobe Zander. Rio`s and Jobe`s match number one was directed by Beau Bradley. Their match number two was directed by Boss Sexton. Match One: Rio`s and Jobe`s pose off quickly escalates into a mat brawl. Rio is fucking stunning wearing second-skin royal blue tights and a tight light blue stretch top. Jobe wears a golden bronze beach tan and skimpy white trunks.. Both beauties take obvious delight in causing the other shameless humiliation and prolonged pain. Jobe strips Rio down to a very small silver bikini, then spreads him out like a banana split you want to eat every inch of. Lots of brutal give and take punishment. In match number two, both Rio and Jobe are back at it in a change of very small packed crotch trunks. Forcing each other into painfully humiliating submission holds, the boys fight it out in a prolonged muscle match contest that delivers two very hot bodies working over each other and sweating their asses off to blow your will power and drain your dragons. Remember you`re getting two full matches directed by Beau Bradley, and Boss Sexton respectively....on the same tape. You can`t go wrong with this meat beater.

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